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What makes Lead Off Farm different than your typical boarding barn?  We are a small, private farm. The boarding business is so I can have friends at the barn, not because I need all your money.  We want you to feel like family here and enjoy your time at the farm.  I boarded at many places before we bought this farm; from no-frills co-ops, all the way to elite expensive show barns.  I've taken all my experiences, good and bad, and tailored my farm to become what I always dreamed boarding should be like.  Some things like...

Individualized Feeding Program

Each horse is an individual.  Our feeding program is centered around forage first. No, "Two flakes and a scoop of pellets per horse" here!

When in the stall, hay is weighed before and after to find out how much each eats.  I want to see leftover hay in the morning!  Our 12 hand pony gets 6 lbs per night, about two flakes.  An average 16.2 horse typically gets 12-16 lbs, four-six flakes. Outside, fields are rotated when grass is growing to optimize grazing.  In the winter, horses are in sacrifice areas with covered hay always available.

A variety of concentrates are fed, Legends Fibergized Omega (14/12/16), ProElite Ration Balancer, Alfalfa Pellets, Beet Pulp, and Flax Seed are what my horses get. If your horse needs something different we'll work it out.  Feed is weighed and blended to meet your horse's requirements.  Owner provided supplements can be added to each feeding.

On-Site Owners

We live at the farm, literally.  Therese's full time job is care of the horses and the farm.  She treats every horse as if they are her own.  Each horse is checked a minimum of two times per day. If anything unusual is found, she'll text or call the owner with pictures and description.  Horses take priority here.
We take great pride in keeping the facility neat and clean. Fences are maintained, pastures mowed and drug, the arena drug, and jumps/dressage ring are always available.  
We continue to improve the property and the Lead Off Farm experience.  New run-in sheds, more paddocks, additional electric lines, lighting for the arena, bluestone pads at each paddock gate, and automatic waterers in each field, are all recent additions over the past year.  

Clear, upfront costs...
and Credits!

No surprises here.  When I boarded, too many times I was told I owed $X for something I didn't know would cost extra, or wasn't told about!  Here, with your boarding contract you will receive a list of costs for additional services. You know how much it will cost for me to handle your horse for the vet or farrier when you can't make it out, lunch feedings if your horse requires it, wound care, and other special needs.  And we don't charge unless we have cleared it with you first!

Do you want to lend a hand?  We'll give credit towards your board for such things as helping to clean stalls, setting jumps, feeding horses, and helping out when the vet or farrier are here.  You will know upfront what your assistance is worth with our "Farm Credit List."  If you have spare time to spend at the barn, you could literally work off your board.

At the end of each month, detailed bills are sent out via e-mail detailing any additional fees and credits that you received over the past month.     


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